I love to paint! I love to create. I have been painting on glassware (and bakeware) for over 20 yrs and each pattern is an original. I have actually been painting, crafting and writing since childhood.
My mother was an artist,my grandmother was an artist, my aunt is an artist, my sister is an artist (and is part of an art co-op in MN) so I think this desire to make lovely things is in my blood.

Special orders are always welcome and if you have any specific ideas or requests please ask.

My largest loves in life are family, friends and sunshine aka summer...the beach is the best place to be....

I do my best to keep prices at a minimum and my work for you at a premium. Prices of course are contingent on what the blank piece of glass cost me and how much time I put into the actual physical painting.

Any questions please feel free to email me.

Thank you for your interest!


Welcome to my shop. My name is Midge and I love to paint on glass (or just about anything) so my shop will be filled with mostly glassware. Special orders are always welcome. I also do occassionally do a variety of other craft projects so you never really know what you might find here. Enjoy looking and if you have any questions please ask! Enjoy....